AutoDesk ReCap 360

As the first project for this quarter, we were required to select a piece of architectural decoration from somewhere in the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation. I found a plaster Corinthian capital in the lab room. This selected piece was going to be the item that I would photograph to create a three dimensional model using AutoDesk’s program ReCap 360.


This program uses photographs and stitches them together in order to create an amazing 3D model of the object. In order to do so, I placed the plaster capital on top of a stool in order to achieve complete freedom to capture the object from any angle. I used my iPhone 6 camera to initially photograph the object in indirect lighting to best capture the texture. The first round of photographs were taken on the same level as the object. Photos began facing the front of the object and shifted clock-wise around, ensuring that each photo taken overlapped the previous by at least 50% to reduce loss of detail. After the entirety of the object as captured from a head-on perspective, photos were then taken from above to document the top of the piece.

After the 40 images were taken, the images were then transferred to the computer for upload to the AutoDesk ReCap 360 program. Using the ReCap program, the photos were selected off of the computer and uploaded in. After uploading, the photo project was named “Capital,” and the program began to stitch the photos together.


Uploaded photos in the ReCap program being stitched together to create a comprehensive 3D model.

An hour wait yielded a complete 3D model of the plaster capital.


The final 3D model.

The obj. file of the capital was uploaded to Sketchfab and a more accessible 3D model was generated.


I am impressed by the abilities of ReCap 360 to carefully stitch the images together as well as it was able to. However, I am disappointed that the software does not fully enable editing to remove excess data that was captured through the photographing process. Therefore, the capital is almost lost and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of excess data around it. I wish the software had an erasing option, like Meshmixer offers.


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